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Ready for a career move but don’t have the time to manage your own search?

Would like to find a position in the invisible job market?

Struggling to get traction in this difficult job market?

Finding a job that matches your talents and interests is one of the central tasks of any life. But it can be extremely hard to find the time, space, energy and focus to zero in on your next move.

About me

A senior recruitment professional for over 20 years. I’ve always been passionate about assisting job seekers to gain their full potential both personally and professionally.

I love coaching professionals and passing on my knowledge on the many ways to approach the job market and finding the best career move; not just the next position on Seek.

Helping job seekers succeed, is without a doubt the most satisfying aspect of my career.

Call me anytime on 0416 411770 to discuss our affordable job seeker or coaching services.

Job Seeker Services

We understand the difficulties jobseekers experience when either too busy or not sure on how to approach the job market.

Retained can manage your job search.

We consult, advise and manage your job search, including:

  • Reviewing all the job boards nationally and send you all relevant positions
  • Teach you how to find the hidden job market, where 80% of the positions lie
  • Using our extensive network we can approach the market for you (confidently)
  • How to stand out from 300+ applications
  • Assist with resume and cover letter
  • Provide a customised cover letter for each job to increase your hit rate
  • Teach you the tips and tricks of the recruitment sector
  • Assist you with personal branding / social media profiles etc
  • Face to face or Skype career coaching

Career Coaching

  • Get clarity on your career to date and plan your next move.
  • Create a job search plan of action
  • Identify your marketable skills
  • How to deal with constructive feedback and use it to your advantage
  • Strategies for career advancement
  • Professional development
  • Developing your personal brand

We know you’re busy. We can provide support between 7am – 9pm over the phone, Facetime or Skype.

Retained Recruitment and Job Seeker Services

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